Speaker Anais anais_icon_small.png

  • Location: The Hinterlands
  • Associated Inquisition Perk: Speaker Anais (Secrets or Connections)
  • Associated Quest: Praise the Herald of Andraste
    Once you have closed the rift on the Praise the Herald of Andraste quest, talking to Speaker Anais will give two options:
    • "Spread word of an inquisition": Anais will join Josephine in the Connections Perks. (-5% mission time)
    • "Listen and gather information": Anais will join Leliana in the Secrets Perks.(-5% mission time)

    • Anonymous

      28 Jan 2020 05:39  

      A third option is to have her help the refugees. This means she won't be recruited by either Josephine or Leliana. Cassandra Slightly Approves. Sera Slightly Approves. Cole Approves.

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