Speaker Anais anais_icon_small.png

  • Location: The Hinterlands
  • Associated Inquisition Perk: Speaker Anais (Secrets or Connections)
  • Associated Quest: Praise the Herald of Andraste
    Once you have closed the rift on the Praise the Herald of Andraste quest, talking to Speaker Anais will give two options:
    • "Spread word of an inquisition": Anais will join Josephine in the Connections Perks. (-5% mission time)
    • "Listen and gather information": Anais will join Leliana in the Secrets Perks.(-5% mission time)
    • Speaking to Anais gives you THREE options, the two mentioned above and "Help the Refugees".  Only the first two options will recruit her.  Telling her to help the refugees gains you 80 influence, 1 Power point, and Cassandra's approval, but Anais does not become an agent for anyone.

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    • Anonymous

      A third option is to have her help the refugees. This means she won't be recruited by either Josephine or Leliana. Cassandra Slightly Approves. Sera Slightly Approves. Cole Approves.

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