“These ‘spellbinders,' as they call themselves, bind many simple spirits, usually to books or other easily compartmentalized objects set with runes, and they have stripped the interaction with spirits of its importance, reducing it to a mere mechanical exercise. That such magic is useful to the spellbinder, I do not argue. Although the power contained in these objects is difficult to focus, the diffused magic can easily distribute energy across a broad area, augmenting the mage's allies. The spellbinders insist that no individual spirit is capable of breaking their bindings, and that the spirits cannot cooperate well enough to escape together. Furthermore, they maintain that because the bindings are all tied to the spellbinder personally, there is no risk of these enchanted books falling into the wrong hands. Still, the books are in their hands, and I am concerned.”

— An excerpt from Life Among the Dead, by Enchanter Rodomonte Van Heigl, senior member of the Mortalitasi

  • Location: The Hinterland, ??
  • Level Ranges: 4-30
  • Health Modifier: 1
  • Armor: Very Low
  • Resistances: Fire*, Cold*, Electricity*
  • Vulnerabilities: None
  • Immunities: Sleep, Fear*, Paralyze*, Freeze*, Burning*, Shocked*, Chill*
  • Drops: ??

*Fire Spellbinder is resistant to fire and immune to burning and fear. Ice Spellbinder is resistant to cold and immune to chill and freeze. Lightning Spellbinder is resistant to electricity and immune to shock and paralyze.

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