Sulevin Blade


Unique Greatsword

313 DPS

Item Level 23
AoE Damage 277
Armor Penetration +50 vs Demons
Strength +6
Pull of the Abyss Chance to cast on hit
Upgrade Slot


Requirements Level 17
Restrictions Warrior only

Sulevin Blade is a Two-Handed Weapon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Sulevin Blade

Sulevin Blade is a unique Greatsword which provides the following bonuses:

  • 277 AoE Damage
  • +11% Armor Penetration
  • +42 Strength
  • Chance to cast Pull of the Abyss on a hit



Sulevin Blade Location

  • The Sulevin Blade is acquired by completing the quest Ruined Blade. Fragments of the blade must be gathered from the Cradle of Sulevin and given to Dagna in the Undercroft at Skyhold.




  • Player Notes: While a very nice 2h, it lacks the pommel and grip slots making it much weaker than a craft-able 2h Such as the Masterwork Serrated Greatsword or Anderfels Cleaver (Crafted with Dragonbones). Which is rather a shame because it is one of the nicest models in the game.

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