Superb Frost Rune

Type Frost Runes
War Table
Acquire the Arcanist
Location The Western Approach – Echoback Fort. The veilfire is in an alcove in the back and the rune is to your left as you enter the cave leading to the astrarium.
Notes There is also a Frost Rune & Master Frost Rune

Superb Frost Rune is a Rune in Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI). Runes are special upgrades applicable to special slots in Weapons. All runes raise the basic attack power of a weapon for a specific amount, depending on if it is an elemental or "slaying" rune and the rune's tier; elemental runes do not raise the attack power of a weapon as much as slayer runes, but allow preying on elemental weaknesses, and superb runes naturally have more power than lower tiers.


Superb Frost Rune Effect

Effect: Adds 25 cold damage to each weapon strike.

Restriction: Non-staff only


Superb Frost Rune Materials

You can craft this rune with: 1 Blank Runestone & 6 Pure Frost Essence



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