Superb Lightning Rune

Type Lightning Runes
War Table
Acquire the Arcanist
Location Emerald Graves – Watcher's Canyon. Get the Veilfire in Watcher's Reach and head down the path south, will be on the right side wall.
Notes There is also a Lightning Rune & Master Lightning Rune

Superb Lightning Rune is a Rune in Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI). Runes are special upgrades applicable to special slots in Weapons. All runes raise the basic attack power of a weapon for a specific amount, depending on if it is an elemental or "slaying" rune and the rune's tier; elemental runes do not raise the attack power of a weapon as much as slayer runes, but allow preying on elemental weaknesses, and superb runes naturally have more power than lower tiers.


Superb Lightning Rune Effect

Effect: Adds 25 electricity damage to each weapon strike.

Restriction: Non-staff only


Superb Lightning Rune Materials

You can craft this rune with: 1 Blank Runestone & 6 Pure Lightning Essence



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