Support from Nevarra is a Mission in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. You can initiate it via the War Table.

  • Power & Time Cost: 0 Power, 60 Min.
  • Requirements: Close 3/4th of all the Fade Rifts
  • Notes: n/a
    "A letter Delivered to Skyhold
First, allow me to compliment the Inquisition's many victories on behalf of the Forsythia family. While Souther Thedas has seen the worst of it, we recognise that recent tragedies concern us all. Your inquisitors work in sealing the rifts and stabilizing the South has lessened troubles here as well.

The Forsythia house would lent its support to the inquisition. We would be happy to meet with your representatives to make it official.

Tyrion Veneto
on behalf of Her Grace, Duchess Amalia"







1 Nevarran Toy Soldier
1 Nevarran Toy Soldier
1 Nevarran Toy Soldier

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