A formidable warrior who draws strength from a dark ritual. Reaver-Card.png

Tamar is a fearsome warrior who developed her abilities by consuming dragon blood. One of the cultists who lived in Haven during the Fifth Blight, she escaped the Chantry by fleeing into the mountains. Tamar was later captured by Inquisition agents and given the choice to serve or die. Execution in captivity would have been shameful; Tamar wishes to die in battle, the blood of her enemies on her sword and a war cry on her lips.

Unlocked by finding or crafting armor: Reaver's Mail

Reaver Starting Abilities and Stats

Devour.png Devour

Blood is life. You rip into your enemy, doing damage based on how badly you're wounded and healing yourself. Ring of Pain significantly increases the effect.

Mighty_Blow.png Mighty Blow

You deliver a power attack that crumples foes, leaving them knocked down for a short time. You do more damage to targets that are already knocked down.

Reaver Ability Trees

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