The Black Emporium is a location situated to the north-east of Storm Coast. It can initially be reached by completing the related Operation using the War Table. After it's been unlocked the Inquisitor can travel there via the World Map.

It is practically the home of Xenon The Antiquarian, an ancient being in charge of the Emporium and its secrets. His nature is never thoroughly explained. His first appearance was during the events of Dragon Age II, during which he resided in the same location.

The player's interaction with him is not particularly intricate. He can be interacted with to unlock his Codex entry. After that he will remain on his chair, throwing around lines of dialogue following various triggers.

The main points of interest in the Emporium are the following: The Mirror of Transformation, Weapons and Accessories bench, Schematics of Legend bench, Crafting Materials bench and finally the Schematics bench.



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