The Arbor Wilds


Materials Arbor Blessing, Elfroot, Felandaris, Stormheart, Silverite
Collections Master Dragon-Slaying Rune, Bianca Arms VI, Mhemet's War Hammer
Companions None
Agents ??
Merchants None
NPCs ??

The Arbor Wilds in Dragon Age: Inquisition is a location you can travel to later in the game from the War Table. It is a lush green and has many interesing creatures.


The Arbor Wilds Quests


Main Quests:

  • It is first visited in "What Pride Had Wrought"


Side Quests:

  • ??


Requistion Quests:

  • ??


The Arbor Wilds Walkthrough

Walkthrough goes here.


The Arbor Wilds Map


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