The Descent DLC Missions


The Descent DLC Missions are operations available depending on your companions and advisors.

Area Unlock Missions

Disaster in the Deep Roads

Requires 16 Power. Available upon reaching Skyhold after The Descent DLC.
"The Inquisition has received an urgent request for aid from Orzammar. A subterranean earthquake has collapsed one of their lyrium mines and endangered several others. Even worse, tunnel seals preventing darkspawn from overrunning the dwarven-occupied Deep Roads have crumbled, allowing hordes of the enemy to invade.

Orzammar is a key provider of the Inquisition's lyrium supplies, and as such, its security is a top priority. The earthquake opened a fissure in the Storm Coast mountains, granting direct access from the surface to the threatened region underground. Constructing a mining lift at the fissure site will permit the Inquisition to transport forces directly to where darkspawn fighting is fiercest."
Josephine Leliana Cullen
Unlocks Deep Roads Unlocks Deep Roads Unlocks Deep Roads


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