The Fallow Mire


Materials Blood Lotus, Blue Vitriol and Summer Stone, Dawn Lotus
Collections bottles_on_the_wall_icon_small.png Bottles of Thedas x2, landmark_icon_small.png Landmarks x4, mosaic_pieces_icon_small.png Mosaic Pieces x1, glyphs_icon_small.png Glyphs x4
Companions None
Agents Sky Watcher
Merchants N/A
NPCs ??

The Fallow Mire in Dragon Age: Inquisition is a southern section of Thedas, overrun by undead and demons. The Inquisitor will first visit following the war table operation Rescue Soldiers Missing in Ferelden which unlocks the area. There is an agent to recruit here, as well as Memories of the Grey items and instruments pertaining to Solas' personal approval. 


The Fallow Mire Quests


Main Quests:

  • ?


Side Quests:


Requisition Quests:


The Fallow Mire Walkthrough

Example Walkthrough text: Enter haven through point x on the map, then pick up quest A from Y npc and complete it. You can find ?? ?? and ?? in a pot/chest/lootbag nearby. 


The Fallow Mire Maps


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    • Anonymous

      Missing "Artifact Requisition in the Mire":

      -Gather Fereldan Artifacts
      -Fereldan Medallion of Service 0/1
      -Fereldan Tome 0/1

      A wealthy Fereldan noble, interested in Bann Hargrave's famous battles with the Avvar in the Fallow Mire, has asked for any artifacts from the era that can be recovered.

      Want to say we got this via a text against a wall out far as can go SE/E map.

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