The Imperial Enchanter is a recruitment quest for companion Vivienne in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates Val Royeaux via a Circle Mage messenger in the market after you have first addressed the clergy.
  • Objectives:
    Vivienne de Fer, the First Enchanter of Montsimmard, has extended an invitation to her salon at the chateau of Duke Bastien de Ghyslain.
  1. Attend the salon.
  • Boss: N/A
  • Locations: Val Royeaux, Ghyslain Estate (Added via invitation)
  • Rewards: ?? XP, ?? Influence, ?? Power. Vivienne will join as a companion if you accept her offer.
  • Choices & Consequences: N/A
  • Player Notes: example: complete before y or x happens. Known bugs, etc
  • Dialogue: "quotes here"

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