The Serpent of Nevarra is a Mission in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. You can initiate it via the War Map.

  • Power & Time Cost: 240 min
  • Requirements: Inquistion Rank 5, In Your Heart Shall Burn completed, At least 3 secrets perks
  • Notes:

  • "Inquisition agents have uncovered a potential problem in the nation of Nevarra: A Tevinter mage by the name of Virellius has recently been noted in the company of King Markus, and rumors comment on how strange it is for a new advisor to be so closely heeded. There is evidence to indicate Virellius is a member of the Venatori. Having the Nevarran king under their sway would give the cult a great deal of power and hinder the Inquisition's ability to operate in the North"







1x Magister Ice Staff, 30 Influence
1x Magister Ice Staff
1x Magister Ice Staff

Next Mission: None

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