The Skin That Stalks


Unique Medium Armor

Armor 272-280
Item Level 25
Attack +6%
Critical Chance +6%
Critical Damage Bonus +11%
Health +78 max.
Set Bonus:
The Taken Shape
2 pieces: +10% Attack Speed
3 pieces:+10% Movement Speed
4 pieces: 1% Heal on hit

Upgrade Slots Empty Sigil

The Skin That Stalks is a Unique Medium Armor in Dragon Age: Inquisition, added by the Trespasser DLC.


About The Skin That Stalks


The Skin That Stalks is Medium Armor which confers the following bonuses:

  • 272-280 Armor
  • +6% Attack
  • +6% Critical Chance
  • +11% Critical Damage Bonus
  • +78 Maximum Health

    The following stacking bonus is granted on ability usage:
  • *2 Pieces: +10% Attack Speed
  • *3 Pieces: +10% Movement Speed
  • *4 Pieces: 1% Heal on hit
  • Set: The Taken Shape


How to get The Skin That Stalks

  • Trespasser DLC: Found in a sealed chest in the 'Ancient Jar' after killing a greater Terror demon and 3 Corpse Archers.

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