The Still Ruins is located due west of the Lost Springs Canyon Camp (which is the first camp you port into when you arrive in The Western Approach. Upon defeating the Venatori in front of the Ruins and looting them you will receive the quest: A Tevinter Relic Hunt. Upon entering you will notice a frozen fade rift and some Venatori. Once you kill the Venatori and examine the Fade Rift you will receive the quest: A Stranger Rift in the Ruins.

On either side of the Main Chamber are locked doors that require the Deft Hands, Fine Tools Perk. In the middle is a door leading to a room and then a courtyard. The courtyard is full of Venatori and Lucanus, their leader. Kill them an loot Lucanus's body to acquire Master Cleansing Rune and a Keystone. This will trigger the quest: The Heart of the Still Ruins. You will need to collect all 5 Keystones to open the door on the other side of the courtyard. Be sure to grab the Veilfire from the room on the left side and bring it with you. In the final room are a couple random chests, a floating staff: Tempest, and the Spirit Rune Schematic behind it on the wall. Once you pick up the staff, time will begin again in the Ruins.

Head back to the Main Chamber, fighting your way through the Demons, and close the now active Fade Rift. Be careful, as this is a very difficult Rift if you are under-leveled or under-geared. If you have Solas in your party, be sure to grab the Elven Relic now free for some extra approval.


Enemies (Level 15)



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