The Storm Coast


Materials Spindleweed , Blood Lotus , Serpentstone , Summer Stone , Iron , Deep Mushroom , Black Lotus , Prophet's Laurel
Collections astarium_icon_small.png Astrariums x 3, bottles_on_the_wall_icon_small.png Bottles on the Wall x 2, High Dragons x1, landmark_icon_small.png Landmarks x 5, glyphs_icon_small.png Glyphs x 1, oculara_and_shards_icon_small.png Shards x 13, Logging Stands x 2, Quarries x 1
Companions Iron Bull
Agents The Blades of Hessarian
Merchants None
NPCs ??

The Storm Coast is a questing area in Dragon Age: Inquisition. To access the area, you must first complete the War Table operation Scout the Storm Coast.  The area is rich in resources and must be later re-visited as Inner Circle Quests open up, so don't be surprised if you find areas you cannot enter.


The Storm Coast Quests


Main Quest:

  • N/A


Side Quests:


Requisition Quests:


The Storm Coast Walkthrough

Example Walkthrough text: Enter haven through point x on the map, then pick up quest A from Y npc and complete it. You can find ?? ?? and ?? in a pot/chest/lootbag nearby.


The Storm Coast Maps


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