The Trespasser DLC Missions


The Trespasser DLC Missions are operations available depending on your companions and advisors.

Area Unlock Missions

Attend the Exalted Council

Requires 8 Power. Available upon reaching Skyhold after The Trespasser DLC.
NOTE: Beginning the Exalted Council will lock all other areas and plots and jump to two years after the death of Corypheus. There is no going back from this point. 

"With Corypheus dead and the threat of Fade rifts and Demons waning, both Orlais and Ferelden have begun to raise questions about the future of the Inquisition. Divine Victoria has promised to shield the Inquisition from political matters for as long as possible. Eventually, she plans to call the Exalted Council: a chance to determine the role-and possibly the fate-of the Inquisition."
Josephine Leliana Cullen
Begins Trespasser N/A N/A


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