The University of Orlais is an Inner Circle Mission in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. You can initiate it via the War Table.

  • Power & Time Cost: 0 Power, 480 Min.
  • Requirements: Complete war table The Chantry Remains and main quest Hushed Whispers or Champions of the Just. 
  • Notes:


  • To the leaders of the Inquisition, 
  • The death of so many good souls at the Temple of Sacred Ashes is a tragedy, compounded by the frenzy of posturing that has taken place in the race for Divine Justinia's successor- which all too frequently uses the Univresity of Orlais as a scapegoat for ills, perceived or real. Considering your recent cowing of these clerics, the University is hoping you might see your way to protecting us from their rhetoric. Such a partnership could be beneficial for us both; we have research - magical as well as mundane - that we'd be pleased to share in exchange for aid in these trying times
  • Yours with hope,
  • Chacellor Jurgen Haulis
  • University of Orlais




A bit of diplomacy to tell the clerics where their attacks are unwelcome should be enough, provided it is done delicately. 



We could arm the University with what they like best: information. Give them ammunition against anyone who speaks against them. The attacks will cease. 



A few soldiers stationed at the university, along with some mercenaries, should be enough of a demonstration of support to deter Chantry attacks. 

1 Orlesian Army Warrior Armor 1 Orlesian Army Warrior Armor 1 Orlesian Army Warrior Armor


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