To the Death

You taunt an enemy into a frenzy. Their damage output increases overtime, but so does the amount of damage they take. The effect ends if you get out of range of the enemy.

Specialization Champion
Requirement Warrior Class
Adamant unlock
Ability Type Active
Range 6 meters
Enemy Damage Output 5% increase/second
Enemy Damage Taken 5% increase/second
Cooldown 32 seconds
Cost 35 Stamina

To the Death is a Warrior ability from the Champion-warrior_abilities_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Champion Specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About To the Death


To the Death is an active ability which taunts enemies into a crazed state, such that their damage output increases over time, but so does the damage they receive.



Notes and Tips 

  • Unlocks: En Garde and Who's Next

  • To the Death can be modified by En Garde, which improves your guard as your target takes damage, and Who's Next, which increases your damage when you see a taunted enemy fall.

  • ?



Champion Ability Tree




Champion Abilities
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