Toxic Cloud

You unleash a cloud of toxic dust that damages all enemies that remain in the area.

Ability Tree Sabotage
Requirement Rogue Class
Explosive Toxin unlock
Ability Type Active
Duration 8 seconds
Radius 5 meters
Damage 50% Weapon Damage per second
Cooldown 32 seconds
Cost 50 Stamina

Toxic Cloud is a Rogue ability from the sabotage-rogue_abilities_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Sabotage Tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Toxic Cloud


Toxic Cloud is an active ability which coats your weapons in poison, adding a poisoned effect to struck foes.



Notes and Tips 

  • Unlocks: Contact Poison and Lost in the Mist..
  • Toxic Cloud can be modified by Contact Poison, which reduces the cooldown time and poisons enemies in the area, and Lost in the Mist, which allows allies within Toxic Cloud to lose their enemies in the vapors, gaining a stack of Elusive every few seconds in the cloud..

  • ?



Sabotage Ability Tree




Sabotage Abilities
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