Valuables are items in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition that are either used for research at the Research Table (they show yellow on your inventory) or to be sold to vendors.


  • Figurine of Mafeath the Betrayer (Found in Frostback Mountains after getting a full party of 4)
  • Silver Bracelet (Found in a house to the left of your first party encounter with 4 enemies)
  • Aquamarine
  • The Paragon Aeducan Carving (Found in the temple after defeating the first Rift Boss)
  • Avvar Toy Soldier (Dropped by enemies)
  • Fereldan Medallion of Service (Chest Loot)
  • Grouse Feather Charm
  • Miniature Throne
  • Lover's Knot, Left Half (Rare)
  • Malachite (4 needed for Exalted Plains requisition quest: Armor Requisition on the Plains)

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