Wedge of Destiny


Unique Shield

Item Level 9
Armor 14 (front)
Front Defense +30%
Heal +15% of damage taken over 10 seconds
Requirements Level 6
Restrictions Warrior only

Wedge of Destiny is a Shield in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About the Wedge of Destiny Shield

The Wedge of Destiny is a unique Shield which provides the following bonuses:

  • 14 Armor
  • +30% Front Defense
  • Heal for 15% of damage taken over 10 seconds
  • Random stat:
    • +6% Bleed on being hit or 
    • +6% Sunder on being hit



Wedge of Destiny Location

  • Wedge of Destiny can be found in Crestwood, just to the west of Three Trout Farm Camp. The shield is on top of a table on top of a hill. 




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