With Angered Eyes is an Special Requirement Mission in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. You can initiate it via the War Map.

  • "Lord desRosier has directly challenged the holdings of the Thibaults. The matchmaker suggests uniting the desRosiers and Thibaults through marriage, however the Thibault daughter is still engaged to the Leandre son. Cullen advises directly thwarting Lord desRosier's. The Thibault daughter and Leandre son are able to marry. You can locate the bride, groom and matchmaker in Val Royeaux. The Inquisitor can speak at their wedding. Josephine agrees with the matchmaker's plan. The marriage between Lord desRosier and the Thibault daughter is arranged. The marriage itself can be witnessed in Val Royeaux. The Inquisitor can speak at the wedding. Leliana suggests withdrawing from the conflict and leaving the nobles to their own devices. It is implied that the Leandre son and Thibault daughter die. The matchmaker and Lord desRosier may be found in Val Royeaux."







1x Ornamented Brooch
1x Ornamented Brooch
1x Ornamented Brooch

Next Mission: None

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