“The wyvern—like its relative the dragon—has nearly been hunted to extinction. Wealthy Orlesians are particularly fond of the wyvern chase, although their servants and dogs take the risks while the noblemen merely accept the praise. It is the venom that makes the creature so valuable. It's used in potion-making, alchemy, and the production of a rare and potent liquor called aquae lucidius. The minuscule quantity of the venom remaining in the aquae after distillation leads to a unique hallucinatory effect.

— An excerpt from the Wilds of Thedas: Volume Two, by Stephan D'Eroin

  • Location: Crestwood, The Hissing Wastes
  • Level Ranges: 8-19
  • Health Modifier: 3
  • Armor: Low
  • Resistances: Fire
  • Vulnerabilities: Electricity
  • Immunities: Physical Effects
  • Drops: Wyvern Scales, Wyvern Poison Gland

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    • Anonymous

      20 Feb 2019 22:36  

      The wyverns in Crestwood are actually more resistant to electricity (about 75%!) than they are to fire (50%). otherwise treat them like half-pint dragons. dodge to the left and right or they will knock you down.

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