Romance is an aspect of your interaction with your companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The player may, for example, chose to hug as an interaction with some of the romanceable NPCs. In order for NPCs to open up for romance, some basic conditions must be met and their Approval rating must be increased by making the right quest and conversation choices, as well as assisting companions with their personal goals. Of course the wrong choices could instead anger the NPC and trigger them to leave your party. You may check your party's approval by their greetings to you in dialogue or by checking the cards when you "gather party".

Flirting is also an option, for characters who are not available for a romance, as indicated by a heart icon. Flirting does not trigger a romance in itself, but can be a personality choice for roleplaying individuals. NPCs that can be flirted with include:

  • Lead Scout Harding - You may flirt starting in Crestwood, but you cannot romance her.
  • Uninterested companions, such as flirting with Dorian as a female

Note: Some main story events can lock you out of romance even with high approval, read the details on each companion to find out if there is a lockout! (Tip by thruaglassdarkly)

Romanceable Characters

These are the characters that can have a romance with the player character in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Female Inquisitor

Male Inquisitor




Romancing Guide

To be successful in your romance, you must consider that each companion has their own preferences of gender and race, as well as requirements for your Inquisitor's personality. Below are important factors on how to approach each of the companions for a romantic interaction.


Cassandra Pentaghast

Cassandra Pentaghast is the Chantry's Seeker and "Right Hand" of the Divine. Following the death of Divine by the explosion from the Rift, Cassandra becomes one your first companions. Cassandra is a religious and driven character, who seeks justice and values resolve and strength. Players looking to romance Cassandra must relate to her Faith and her quest to restore Order.

  • Romance by: Males, any race
  • Alignment: Religious, supports The Divine.
  • Important Approval Choices: Cassandra Approval via dialogue. Also complete Cassandra's inner circle quests (Unfinished Business and Promise of Destruction), and her gift quest (Guilty Pleasures)
  • Romance point: Once in Skyhold, if you have gained approval and flirted when possible, Cassandra informs you that your flirts haven't gone unnoticed.She however remains conflicted as she wants an ideal storybook romance and that is not with the Herald of Andraste. The flirting and opportunity can end at this point, but if you Insist that you can be the man she wants to unlock her romance quest, The Ideal Romance.



Blackwall is one of the few remaining Grey Wardens. Having been isolated from society, he is awkward in social interactions but a skilled warrior. Players looking to romance Blackwall must relate to his vocation as a Grey Warden.

  • Romance by: Females, any race
  • Alignment: ??
  • Important Approval Choices: Blackwall Approval for regular quests, and selective flirting without pushing him away. You should complete his personal quests.
  • Romance Point: Flirt with him when possible, but be warned that he will get cold feet once the approval rating has increased enough and when you try to initiate a romance after Haven is destroyed. To initiate the romance properly, you must continue getting his approval and trigger the Gift Quest Explanations by talking to him at the Stables in Skyhold. Returning his badge will set in motion his leaving of your party. Find him again in Val Royeaux, talk to him in his cell, and then chose to judge him in your War Table and return him to the Inquisition. Doing this will bring him back to the Stables in Skyhold where you can initiate the final conversation to formalize the romance.



Josephine Montilyet is not a companion but can be romanced. As an Advisor to the Inquisition, her role to form alliances and pacts drives her and should be the focus of romancing options, investigating talks relating to politics.

  • Romance by: Males and Females, any race
  • Alignment: Fair and diplomatic, supports peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Important Approval Choices: Advisors are not affected by the approval system, there is no way to gain or lose approval with them. To create a relationship, you must focus on flirting conversation points.
  • Romance Point: To trigger the romance plot, you must talk to Josephine and look for the romance dialogue option, that will send you to talk to Leliana. Once with Leliana, select the option to talk about Josephine and mention that you have romantic intentions towards her, which will make it so Josephine has new dialogue that starts the romance. See the Josephine page for quests related to this NPC.


Iron Bull

The Iron Bull is a Qunari mercenary and a companion. Whilst a follower of the Qun and an informant to the Ben-Hassrath, the Iron Bull enjoys life and pleasures and can be romanced by either gender. Players looking to romance the Iron Bull should focus on ???

  • Romance by: Males and Females, any race
  • Alignment: Likes fighting the Venatori and dragons. Take him with you whenever you are fighting the Venatori and whenever a group is finished you get a slightly approval. As for dragons it varies.
  • Important Approval Choices: Iron Bull Approval for regular quests. Increased approval for having him in-party when fighting dragons and Tevinter forces (Venatori)
  • Romance Point: Conversation and positive interactions will initiate the personal background plot Demands of the Qun. you must choose to save the chargers. Once this is completed, flirt with him again for him to establish a relationship. If you wish to commit, however, you must craft a gift by defeating a dragon and bringing its tooth to the requisition table to be made into a Qunari amulet, then gift it to him in spite of appearances.



Sera is an eleven archer that joins as a companion in Orlais. Impulsive, playful and cynical, Sera is a strong-headed character with severity in her punishment of enemies and betrayals. Players looking to romance Sera should focus on making choices for the benefit of many, and being humorous.

  • Important: Completing certain story missions will preclude romance if the romance is not locked in before hand. The romance option for Sera disappears after "What Pride Hath Wrought" and will not initiate after "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts." One should not rush through the story missions if the romance is not locked in.
  • Romance by: Females, any race
  • Alignment: Playful and humorous, Sera prefers the amusing options.
  • Important Approval Choices: Sera Approval shows the alignment for quest completiong. Dialogue approval via flirting is an important factor, with benefits for Qunari Inquisitors, and diminishing returns for human and dwarf, and lastly elves. Be warned that the vents at Mythal are a point of contention and you should deny the as she does or the romance will end in bad terms. Tip: If you are looking to romance Sera,go to Val Royeaux for her recruitment as soon as possible, since the side-quests in The Hinterlands are very good for her approval
  • Romance Point: With high enough dialogue approval, the personal quest The Verchield March triggers romance opportunity, and bringing Vivienne and agreeing to her methods will give you consumation opportnity with the Gift Quest: A Woman who Wants for Nothing



Dorian is a pariah mage from the Tevinter Imperium who joins the inquisition as a companion. Witty and prone to sarcasm, Dorian will reject commentary on Tevinter and those seeking to romance him should focus on understanding his sharp humor and pride in himself, as well as his achievements. Avoid brusque answers.

  • Romance by: Males, any race
  • Alignment: Smart and sarcastic.
  • Important Approval Choices: Dorian Approval marks quest choices that impact this NPC. You should also complete his approval quest One Last Venatori
  • Romance Point: You must complete Dorian's personal quest, Last Resort of Good Men and tell Dorian how you feel either after the quest or in Skyhold. Once you do this, Leliana, will message you and initiate the romance quest: The Magister's Birthright. Note that you cannot kill Ponchard or Dorian will end the romance. You can end the relationship at any point.



Cullen is a Templar Commander who becomes an advisor to the Inquisition. To initiate a romance plot, the player must be female and human or elf, and must take all available opportunities to flirt during dialogues. Being in a relationship with anyone else will make Cullen's options not available. To ensure progress in your flirting, do not have Cullen take lyrium at any point. If you do, he will not romance you and even break up with you.

  • Romance by: Females, Human and Elf only.
  • Alignment: ??
  • Important Approval Choices: Advisors are not affected by the approval system, there is no way to gain or lose approval with them. To create a relationship, you must focus on flirting conversation points.
  • Romance Point: You must not be in a relationship so that you have an opportunity to flirt with Cullen during conversations.



Solas is an elven apostate. Players looking to romance Solas must be female and elven, and must have an understanding of Solas' talents and his ingenuity.

  • Romance by: Females, Elf only.
  • Alignment: Thoughtful and caring for the Fade. Self-reliant and free, sides with mages.
  • Important Approval Choices: Solas Approval for regular quests, and Measuring the Veil, All New, Faded for Her and What Lies Dormant
  • Romance Point: Flirt with him when possible, and chose to go with him from Skyhold to Haven for a talk about your first encounter.As a flirty female else, you will have the option to kiss him here, which unlocks the possibility of romance.

Continue on to Haven and complete the talk, and Solas will grant All New, Faded for Her which you must complete without killing his friend. You may be able to kill the spirit if you attempt to negotiate or if you can later persuade Solas of the inevitability of the situation. Either way, once this quest is done Solas will initiate a conversation where you can start a romance.

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