Bonus +25% Ranged Defense
Special None

Elf is a playable race in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. Selecting the Elf will give the following dialogue: 


"Elves are a historically oppressed people, distinguishable by their lithe frames and pointed ears. Though most survive in the poorest fringes of human cities, others live as nomads known as the Dalish. Elves receive a bonus of 25% to Ranged Defense."


Elf Background



"Enslaved long ago by humans, most elves still live as second-class citizens within human cities. Elves who reject this life are known as the Dalish: nomadic wanderers who strive to keep the ancient elven religion and traditions alive. You grew up in the wilderness, a member of the Lavellan Dalish clan and apprentice to its leader and guide, the Keeper. The clan wandered the northern Free Marches, and you had little need to interact with humans—until the Keeper sent you to the Chantry's conclave as a spy. What happened there, she said, would impact not only the Dalish but indeed all elves. She could not have known how right she was."


Elf Special Quests

Race Missions are War Table operations available depending on the player character's chosen race.

Name, Time & Requirements Best Forces Reward Secrets Reward Connections Reward

Contact Clan Lavellan (15 min)

Be an Elf Inquisitor
Your Dalish clan contacts the Inquisition. They're concerned you might be a prisoner. Have Leliana or Josephine contact them, as Cullen's soldiers will scare the clan and start an incident that costs lives on both sides.
Forces 30 Influence 10 Blood Lotus 10 Blood Lotus

Protect Clan Lavellan (15 min)

Contact Clan Lavellan completed successfully, player has been made Inquisitor.
The Dalish contact the Inquisition, worried about bandits who have been harassing the clan. Josephine's attempt to solve matters with diplomacy will backfire and get your clan killed, so choose either Cullen or Leliana to help protect your clan. This choice puts on you on one of two paths – Investigate Duke Antoine of Wycome with Leliana or Break Venatori Hold on Wycome with Cullen.
Forces or Secrets None None None

Investigate Duke Antoine of Wycome (60 min)

Completed Protect Clan Lavellan with Leliana.
Leliana's agent, Jester, updates the Inquisition on Duke Antoine's plan to kill the Dalish. She warns against direct action and is not wrong. Following Leliana's suggestion of sending assassins after Duke Antoine will get your clan killed in retaliation. Work with Josephine to introduce one of her diplomats, Lady Guinevere Volant.
Connections N/A 60 Influence 60 Influence

Stop Purge of Wycome's Elves (240 min)

Completed Investigate Duke Antoine of Wycome with Josephine.
Your clan's keeper contacts the Inquisition noting the dire situation for the elves both in Wycome and in your clan. Something must be done. In this case, however, stealth will win the day. Cullen's help will arrive too late, killing your clan, while using Leliana's spies will eliminate the evil Duke Antoine and his attempt to poison the city with red lyrium. It then opens Protect Clan Lavellan and Wycome.
Secrets 60 Influence 25 Influence N/A

Break Venatori Hold on Wycome (240 min)

Completed Protect Clan Lavellan with Cullen.
Lady Guinevere Volant sends word to the Inquisition, and behind her pleasantries, it is clear that she wants urgent help. Trying to resolve the matter with diplomacy will lead to her death, and the death of your clan. Have Leliana send spies to eliminate the Venatori spies instead.
Connections N/A 60 Influence 60 Influence

Restore Order in Wycome (480 min)

Completed Break Venatori Hold on Wycome with Leliana.
Lady Guinevere Volant sends word again, and her polite letter hides a message in which she warns the Inquisition away from using soldiers and asks you to let the Dalish elves help overthrow the corrupt Duke Antoine. She is quite correct, as using Cullen will get her and your clan killed. Have Leliana get the Dalish clan into the city and eliminate Duke Antoine. This opens Protect Clan Lavellan and Wycome.
Secrets 60 Influence 25 Influence N/A

Protect Clan Lavellan and Wycome (1440 min)

Completed either Restore Order in Wycome or Stop Purge of Wycome's Elves successfully. Also Here Lies the Abyss and Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts both complete.
Your clan's keeper informs you that the Dalish are now respected in the city, but other cities in the Free Marches are sending forces to crush the new government. Josephine's attempt to resolve matters peacefully will only get your clan killed. Have Cullen send forces to fortify the city, and the Free Marches forces will back down, leaving your clan as part of Wycome's new ruling body.
Forces 1 Royal Sixteen, 100 Influence N/A 100 Influence


Elf Appearance


Elf Female CC    Elf Male in CC

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