Abilities are your character's skill trees in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. A combination of skills and tactics based on your class will determine how you approach combat.

(For Specialization please see the Specializations page)

Inquisitor Abilities

 Mark of the Rift

Mark of the Rift is a focus based ability. It causes massive damage and can even kill some enemies instantly.

 Focused Teamwork

Successfully performing an ability combo earns additional focus for the party..


Aegis of the Rift

You turn the Veil itself into a magical shield that deflects enemy projectiles.

Anchor Discharge

The Anchor steadily accumulates energy, building focus. By using its power carefully, you and nearby allies become immune to damage for a short time, and are revealed hidden objects in dark areas.


Class Specific Abilities



Masters of this school of magic call upon call upon spirits for protection, as well as the essence of the Fade itself. Their spells disrupt hostile magic, create defensive barriers, and even heal injuries.



Masters of this school of magic summon cold that bites deeper than the cruelest winter. Their icy spells slow and weaken enemies.



Masters of this school of magic dominate the battlefield with unrelenting fire. Enemies who survive the initial blast are driven mad with terror or burn to death in unquenchable flames.



Masters of this school of magic call forth the power of thunder and lightning. Their spells paralyze foes and arc from one enemy to another.


 Double Daggers

Experts in this style are fast an deadly, their blades slicing through enemies' defenses--and throats--before they have time to react.



Experts in this style are masters of ranged combat. They can avoid enemies that attempt to close, put arrows or bolts through multiple foes, and even unleash explosive shots to devastating effect.



Experts in these talents specialize in poisons and traps. Their dirty tricks leave enemies sick and limping, easy pickings for a sharp blade or a barbed arrow.



Experts in these talents are masters of misdirection. Whether leaping to safety, disappearing into the shadows, or tricking enemies into slashing at empty air, they are never where anyone expects them to be.


Weapon and Shield

Experts in this style are still on their feet after punishment that would kill their allies. They use their shield to protect themselves and stagger their enemies.



These stalwart warriors protect their allies by making themselves the biggest target on the battlefield. When enemies take the bait, Vanguards pick them apart with brutal precision.



These cunning warriors control the battlefield and everyone on it. They bolster their allies, hamper their enemies, and take advantage of any sign of weakness.


Two-Handed Weapon

Experts in this style crush their enemies with massive blows that can break any guard, shatter any armor, and destroy any opponent.

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