Builds for Dragon Age: Inquisition are located on this page. Please feel free to add your own.

How to create your build

  1. Create a wiki page with your build name and add the info/links. To create a page click this
  2. Edit this page ADDING A ROW to the table below with a link to the page you created and an overview.
  3. You can link items to a page and make them into mouseovers by adding a link to the items page and adding #fex as the "anchor".


Build Name Creator Class Description
Example Build IIIBerdanIII Rogue This is an example build. In this line I would give a small preview of what the playstyle, specialization or gear is.
your build name here your name Class Description of your build
Dagger Rogue Assasination PeeGee Rogue  
Knight-Enchanter Build WardenDresden Mage/Knight-Enchanter This is the un-killable Knight Enchanter Build. I don't use this build on my own mage as I feel it takes the fun out of the game, but I do use this for Vivienne. She will absolutely destroy dragons and leave without a scratch.
The Tempest WardenDresden Rouge/Tempest Very fun ranged rouge build. (in progress)
Dual Dagger Assassin WardenDresden Rouge/Assassin Sooooo much damage from one character. (in progress)
Sheild Reaver WardenDresden Sword and Shield Warrior/Reaver A very interesting combination and quite fun! (in progress)
The Rift Mage   Mage A great support mage build. (in progress)
Necromancer WardenDresden Mage/Necromancer Have your enemies running around the battlefield screaming like little girls. (in progress)
The Demon Hunter WardenDresden Two Handed Warrior/Templar Absolutely slaughter all demons you encounter. (in progress)

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