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How to create your build

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Build Name Creator Class Description
Example Build IIIBerdanIII Rogue This is an example build. In this line I would give a small preview of what the playstyle, specialization or gear is.
your build name here your name Class Description of your build
Dagger Rogue Assasination PeeGee Rogue  
Knight-Enchanter Build WardenDresden Mage/Knight-Enchanter This is the un-killable Knight Enchanter Build. I don't use this build on my own mage as I feel it takes the fun out of the game, but I do use this for Vivienne. She will absolutely destroy dragons and leave without a scratch.
The Tempest WardenDresden Rouge/Tempest Very fun ranged rouge build. (in progress)
Dual Dagger Assassin WardenDresden Rouge/Assassin Sooooo much damage from one character. (in progress)
Sheild Reaver WardenDresden Sword and Shield Warrior/Reaver A very interesting combination and quite fun! (in progress)
The Rift Mage   Mage A great support mage build. (in progress)
Necromancer WardenDresden Mage/Necromancer Have your enemies running around the battlefield screaming like little girls. (in progress)
The Demon Hunter WardenDresden Two Handed Warrior/Templar Absolutely slaughter all demons you encounter. (in progress)

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    • Anonymous

      Dragon Age 1-3 Reaver/Blood mage character build: Vampire knight/Vampire Scion.
      Reavers and blood mages get there power from rituals involving dragons and demons but most of all blood.
      Blood contains memories memories are knowledge and knowledge is power. Your character is vampiric a slave to sanguine thirst
      How they came to be is their story either they were conceived while a hunger or desire demon was copulating with a mortal or they were bitten by such an offspring or they were part of a blood ritual involving the blood of a high dragon who had been possessed by a hunger demon also known as a high aberration. Your character is immortal feeding off the blood of their victims and using it against them. Your every attack drains the life f your enemies you can bolster your allies and weaken your foes. You can turn them against each other or simply devastate them.

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