Quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition are tasks and events that provide experience and progression to the game. This page lists all the quests available in the game, indicating their region and categorizing into: Main Quest, Side Quest, and Requisition. They are categorized by zone, but you can use ctrl+f to highlight a specific quest you are looking for.  

Please visit the War Table page for details on the specific operations relating to the War Council. Also see the NPCs page for details on quests relating to your companions and other related NPCs.

Find all quests by location on the Locations pages:


All Quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Main Story Quests


Side Quests

haven_locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Haven

hinterlands_locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki The Hinterlands

val_royeux_locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Val Royeaux

Fallow-mire-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki The Fallow Mire

storm_coast-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki The Storm Coast

forbidden_oasis-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Forbidden Oasis

skyhold-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Skyhold

crestwood-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Crestwood

the_western_approach-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki The Western Approach

exalted_plains-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki The Exalted Plains

emerald_graves-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Emerald Graves

emrpise_du_lion-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Emprise du Lion

hissing_wastes-locations_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki The Hissing Wastes

Inner Circle



Requisition Quests


DLC Quests

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