Bonus +25% Magic Defense
Special Cannot be a Mage

Dwarf is a playable race in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. Selecting the Dwarf will give the following dialogue: 


"Dwarves are short, stocky, and most spend their entire lives underground. Those living in exile on the surface are commonly merchants or smugglers. Because dwarves have no connection to the Fade, they cannot be mages, but receive a 25% bonus to Magic Defense."


Dwarf Background



The dwarves of Thedas are known for their once-vast underground empire and guilds of merchants and warriors held in high esteem by the other races of Thedas. Not you. A cast-off "surfacer," unwelcome among the dwarves or most humans, you have scraped by as part of a criminal fraternity known as the Carta, smuggling magical ore known as lyrium. As part of the ruthless Cadash crime family, you spent your life on the streets of various Free Marcher city-states—until you were sent to the Chantry conclave as a spy and everything changed.


Dwarf Special Quests

Race Missions are War Table operations available depending on the player character's chosen race.

Name, Time & Requirements Best Forces Reward Secrets Reward Connections Reward

The Carta Gets Its Cut (15 min)

Be a Dwarf Inquisitor
An old partner from your Carta clan warns you that your old Carta boss thinks you ran off with his lyrium.
Secrets 30 Influence 30 Influence 30 Influence

Business with the Carta (60 min)

Did not take Cullen's option in The Carta Gets Its Cut, have reached Skyhold
Your friend has learned the Inquisition is interested in finding out who's buying lyrium, and informs you of a deal going down on the Storm Coast.
Secrets 1 Bladed Greatsword Grip 1 Bladed Greatsword Grip 1 Bladed Greatsword Grip

The Dasher (240 min)

Either Business with the Carta or Cullen's path in The Carta Gets Its Cut, and either Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts or Here Lies the Abyss complete.
Your friend warns you that your old Carta boss is going to attack an Inquisition diplomatic meeting with Orzammar.
None 1 Dwarven Longsword Grip 1 Dwarven Longsword Grip N/A


Dwarf Appearance

Dwarf Female in Character Creation     Dwarf Male in Character Creator

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