Combat in Dragon Age: Inquisition is characterizing by strategic preparation and thinking. The game can be paused as orders are issued, and it follows more typical rpg mechanics than other more action-oriented games. Your party will automatically draw their weapons when entering combat, and automatically sheathe them upon combat completion.

Combat Information

Your Combat and Abilities will be influenced by many factors like Attributes - Combat Stats, Status Effects, Equipment and much more.

Besides attacking, using your Abilities and switchig the party members in third-person view you are still able to pause the game and command your charakters for more strategic tactics in fights. Mind that when you are fighting in third-person perspective you are not able to move while attacking and may miss some hits because of that.

Especially fighting tougher enemys you should consider the tactical mode and make your party members focus on a certain enemy, set the behaivor of your party members and try to keep an eye on everything that is happening in this fight.



Attributes are the character's stats and the distribution will determine your damage output as well as defense, stamina and mana. The stat Health determines your hitpoints. The level meter will fill by obtaining experience and are making the character or NPC level up. At this point, the player can spend ability points to unlock new active abilities from specific specializations or passive abilities. Many passive abilities include a bonus to the character's primary stats.

Primary stats are Strength, Dexterity, Magic, Cunning, Willpower and Constitution. There are offensive and defensive attributes. May check the Attributes page for further information.


Status Effects


Status Effects are conditions that are afflicting opponents and party members, but also can be triggered by your abilities. Some of them can be combined on an enemy.

To fight and win is not only about keeping an eye on health, stamina and mana bars, because how all party members perform on the battlefield, also depends on various Status Effects that they may be introduced into. Status Effects force you to act right, so try to know what kind of effects are influencing your current fight.
May check the Status Effects page for further information and the full list of status effects.

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