And Take Them Down

Your experience with finding and pointing out enemy vulnerabilities gives the entire party a better chance to land critical hits.

Specialization Artificer
Requirement Rogue Class
Elemental Mines unlock
Ability Type Passive
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Dexterity on Unlock +3

And Take Them Down is a Rogue ability from the Artificer_Rogue_abilities_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Artificer Specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About And Take Them Down


And Take Them Down is a passive ability which gives your whole part a Critical Hit Chance bonus.



Notes and Tips 

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Artificer Ability Tree




Artificer Abilities
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    • Anonymous

      Has anybody done any testing to determine if this passive stacks if the inquisitor and Varric both have this skill?

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