Begrit's Claws is a side quest of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates in Dead Ram Grove in The Hinterlands after picking up a note on a corpse.

  • Objectives:
    A hunter named Bergrit was out looking for large bears in order to collect their claws, which appear to be of considerable crafting value. It may be wise to pick up where he left off
  1. Claws found 0/3

  • Boss: N/A
  • Locations: Initiates in Dead Ram Grove in The Hinterlands. You must kill level 8+ Large Bears
  • Rewards: 128xp, 80 Influence
  • Choices & Consequences:
  • Player Notes: You will obtain the tier 2 Masterwork crafting material Great Bear Claws
  • Dialogue: "quotes here"

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