The Hinterlands in Dragon Age: Inquisition is a forest area leading to Redcliffe, and is the first external location visited past Haven and the Frostback Mountains. This area is large and can overwhelming at first so it is advisable to take time in uncovering its many secrets. Sub-regions to this location are: the Crossroads, Redcliffe Farms, and the town of Redcliffe. Valammar, a quest-specific dungeon, can be visited when on the quest Deep Trouble.


The Hinterlands Walkthrough

The Hinterlands is one of the largest maps in DA:I and it is important that you do not get stuck here too much in the beginning. The only two quests you have to complete before "In Your Heart Shall Burn"  are "Templars in the West" and "Apostates in Witchwood." The only War Table operations you should do before In Your Hearts Shall Burn is "Address a Nobleman's Concerns," "The Cult of Andraste" and the follow up "The Secretes of Andraste", "The Chantry Remains" and its follow up "The University of Orlais" or "Grand Cleric Iona", "Investigate Therinfal Redoubt" and potential follow up, "Hunt Therinfall Redoublt Demon" and "Red Jenny says 'Drop and Grab"'" Make sure you talk to Leliana in her tent a few times to "soften" or "harden" her and have chats with the other companions for their tidbits. It is very important to do just a few quests here at a time before heading to another zone or else your eyes will fall out from the senseless grinding. 


Walkthrough Articles

Making Short Work of the Hinterlands

The Hinterlands Maps


The Hinterlands Quests

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