Bestow Mourning Halla is a Mission in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. You can initiate it via the War Table.

  • Power & Time Cost: 0 Power, 60 Min.
  • Requirements: Complete the Knight's Tomb quest in the Emerald Graves and return the documents to the Dalish.
  • Notes:

In light of the information you gave us regarding the truth of the events at Red Crossing, we would like to offer a sign of mourning to the village. Since both sides played a part in this tragedy, honoring the village with one of our halla seems appropriate. If it could be kept there, it might remind both sides of the fragile beauty of things that journey to places where they are strangers.

I understand that the villagers of Red Crossing do not trust the Dalish, given our history. If you could convince them to accept This tribute in good faith. It would be greatly appreciated.

Keeper Hawen







Unlocks the Mourning Halla - Mount
10x Rashvine

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