Builder's Tower

Location Deep Roads
Type Side Quest
Next Quest -
Previous Quest The Descent (Quest)

Builder's Tower is a Quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is part of The Descent DLC. A worn model of the Builder's Towers stands in the Darkspawn Warrens.

Important NPCs

  • n/a



  1. Solve the Puzzle.
  2. Collect the Reward.



  • +1269 XP
  • +150 Influence
  • Random loot from chest in front of the puzle.



  • This quest is obtained by reading the book found in the chamber southwest of Rune-Warded Gate in the Darkspawn Warrens.
  • To complete the quest, disassemble the tower and reassemble them on the far-right post. Remember that a larger disc cannot sit on top of a smaller disc.
  • Video Guide

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