Fade-Touched Lazurite

Type Masterwork Metal Crafting Materials
Tier Tier 2

Random drop in Hissing Wastes near merchant shop.

Notes -

Fade-Touched Lazurite is a Tier 2 type Masterwork Metal Crafting Materials in Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI). Materials such as these are found in the field by harvesting, defeating enemies, completing quests or obtained as a reward for War Table Missions.

A masterwork material is used in some Schematics that have a "masterwork slot". These materials provide special effects that no other crafting material can provide in any other slot and are very powerful in comparison, with possibilities such as greatly increasing critical crafting (+10% to final item stats).


Fade-Touched Lazurite Effect


masterwork.png Increase maximum stamina by 15




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