The Hinterlands is populated by several farmers, and the main settlement is Redcliffe Village. Since the end of the Fifth Blight, the Hinterlands have seen an influx of settlers from Redcliffe Village looking to escape memories of the darkspawn and the other dark events which befell Redcliffe during the Blight. Located in Ferelden, the arable land is populated mostly with humans. 

Unlock the area by completing the Scout the Hinterlands War table operation.


Hinterland Quests

Main Quest:

Side Quests:

  • A Common Treatment
  • A Rare Treatment
  • A Spirit in the Lake
  • Agrarian Apostate
  • An Advanced Treatment
  • Apostates in Witchforest
  • Astariums in Hinterlands
  • Bergrit's Claws
  • Blood Brothers
  • Business Arrangements
  • Conscientious Objector
  • Deep Trouble
  • East Road Bandits
  • Failure to Deliver
  • Farmland Security
  • Flowers for Senna
  • Healing Hand
  • Hinterland Who's Who
  • Hinterlands Geological Survey
  • Holding the Hinterlands
  • Horses for Inquisition
  • Hunger Pangs
  • In the Elements
  • In the Saddle
  • Landmarks in the Hinterlands
  • Letter from a Lover
  • Love Waits
  • Map of Farmland Cave
  • Map to Waterfall
  • Master of Horses
  • My Lover's Phylactery
  • Open a Vein
    Playing with Fire
  • Praise the Herald of Andraste
  • Regions in the Hinterlands
  • Return Policy
  • Rifts at Dwarfson's Pass
  • Rifts in the Woods
  • Rifts on the Farm
  • Rifts On The Outskirts
  • Safeguard Against Looters
  • Shallow Breaths
  • Sketch of Calenhad's Foothold
  • Stone Dreams
  • Strange Bedfellows
  • Templars to the West
  • The Ballad of Lord Woolsley
  • The Mercenary Fortress
  • The Vault of Valmmar
  • Trouble with Wolves
  • Where the Druffalo Roam

Requisition Quests:




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