“If you fight with a mage, you must close with him, regardless of the danger, or risk being overwhelmed. A mage's strike rarely hits with the force of a trained chevalier's blade, but it often carries unnatural energies: fire that boils a man inside his armor, lightning that steals the strength from his limbs, and so forth. To hold back is to give him time to alter the battlefield to his advantage in some fashion, whether he summons a wall of ice, a demonic ally, or magical flames that strengthen the blades of his guards. We know that the warrior who controls the battlefield is most often the victor. You must keep him reacting to you and continue your attack.”

— An excerpt from A Meditation Upon the Use of Blades, by Swordmaster Massache de Jean-Mien, required reading at the Academie des Chevaliers

  • Location: ??
  • Level Ranges: 8-30
  • Health Modifier: 1
  • Armor: Low
  • Resistances: Fire*, Cold*, Electricity*
  • Vulnerabilities: None
  • Immunities: Sleep, Fear*, Paralyze*, Freeze*, Burning*, Shocked*, Chill*
  • Drops: ??

*Fire mage is resistant to fire and immune to burning and fear. Ice mage is resistant to cold and immune to chill and freeze. Lightning mage is resistant to electricity and immune to shock and paralyze.

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