Morrigan is an NPC in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition and a long lost companion of the Hero of Ferelden Grey Warden in Dragon Age: Origins. morrigan-profile.jpg

"Whether the dark-haired sorceress seeks to influence the Imperial throne, or harbors more sinister motives, no-one knows for certain. This Witch of the Wilds arrived in Orlais rather suddenly three years ago as the newly-appointed “arcane advisor” to Empress Celene. In this role, Morrigan presents a source of information unfiltered by religious dogma, and satisfies Celene's life-long curiosity about magic. However, whispers carry concern of Morrigan having Celene wrapped around her finger, teaching the Empress forbidden, dark arts in secret."


  • Morrigan is encountered at the Winter Palace.

Related Quests

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No: Morrigan will not joing your party


Morrigan is not available for romance

Alignment & Approval Rating

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Background, Dialogue & Other Notes

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