Professor Kenric

Professor Kenric
Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Inquisition

University of Orlais

Professor Kenric is a NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition

"Bram Kenric is the fourth son of Lord and Lady Kenric of Starkhaven. He was originally destined for the Chantry, but convinced his family that the University of Orlais would be a fashionable alternative."



Related Quests

  1. The Basin Beckons
  2. Worthy of Publication
  3. What Yet Lingers
  4. On Ameridan's Trail



  • Professor Kenric cannot be romanced.


Background, Dialogue & Other Notes/Trivia

  • Bram Kenric also asks the inquisitor to keep an eye out for his research assistant, Colette. (While not mentioned,it is hinted he may have some special feelings for this assistant).
  • He's open minded and enthusiastic about discovering new things.
  • Unlike his fellow scholars who took Inquisitor Ameridan's history as settled, Kenric wanted answers for the many questions still surrounding the first Inquisitor.

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