β€œIt appears to be no simple skeleton. The descriptions of the creature's abilities were eerily similar to those our brothers at Marnas Pell encountered almost an age ago: men pulled through the air to skewer themselves on the creature's blade, and attacks so quick that it was able to assault multiple opponents at once. No, Your Perfection, what we have here is indeed a revenant and nothing less.”

β€” From a letter to Divine Amara III, 5:71 Exalted

  • Location: ??
  • Level Ranges: 12-30
  • Health Modifier: 6
  • Armor: Very High
  • Resistances: Cold
  • Vulnerabilities: Fire, Spirit
  • Immunities: Physical Effects, Fear, Freeze, Sleep, Chill, Poison
  • Drops: Revenant Heart, Revenant Helmet

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