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This page is dedicated to site suggestions. Don't like the layout? Having problems with site? Post your ideas and suggestions here.
Two things to note

1. Layout = give solutions not just problems. For example if you don't like the menu, think how you would want it fixed.

2. Ads = If you are getting pop-ups or redirects, tell us and tell us what company/server did it so we can ban them. Advertisers are tricksy and cheat our no pop-up rule. Please report them to

By (Include contact if you have forum/wiki/other accounts)
Separate pages shouldn't be made for items that don't require much explaining (don't have more details). Such as runes for example. A redirect could simply point to the page with the respective anchor. Otherwise it will be hard to keep the info up to date on both the list page and the detail page.
  • True that it is harder to keep up with, but the problem with redirects is that Google Bot penalizes websites for them, so if we don't have a destination page and someone adds a link to something that redirects, when google crawls it gives -rank to the keyword :(
    • Not if google finds the word on the actual page, using canonical URLs. I meant internal redirects done by the search (not actual 301 type redirects) - like does it. If you for example search for "Imperial Bracers of Minor Lockpicking" the URL is that of what you searched, but the actual page you are on is the "Generic Magic Apparel" page which lists all items. Also, the canonical link is specified in the source. This actually improves google ranking, since you won't have the same "keyword" on multiple pages, instead you'll have all info on the same page, narrowing the search. I'm a senior web dev and can assure you that it works. I've been using canonical URLs to improve search results and ranking on large scale sites.
    • I don't know enough about this! I'm no dev so I wouldn't know how to implement it but would love to know more. Could you please contact me by email so we can chat about it further? admin--at--fextralife-dot-com
- parochy parochy Dec 27, 2014
- Fexelea Fexelea Jan 11, 2015
- parochy parochy Jan 10, 2015

- Fexelea Fexelea Jan 11, 2015

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