Teagan Guerrin

Teagan Guerrin
Race Human
Gender Male
Title Ambassador to Orlais
Class Warrior

Teagan Guerrin is a NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition

"Teagan Guerrin is the Bann of Rainesfere. He is Arl Eamon Guerrin's younger brother as well as the brother of Rowan, the deceased queen of Ferelden. This makes him uncle to King Cailan Theirin."


  • Trespasser DLC: During the Exalted Council
  • Teagan is sent to represent Ferelden, which as a nation favors the complete dismantling of the Inquisition, due to concerns of the Inquisitions' large military presence, namely Skyhold, being so close to Ferelden's borders.


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  • Teagan Guerrin cannot be romanced.


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