The Cradle of Sulevin is an ancient temple, said to hold the finest bladed ever created. The myths and stories surrounding the blade were corrupted and morphed over centuries that modern elves hardly believe that the blade existed.

The the North of Drakon's Tower, you will come upon a primeval red lyrium vein that can be destroyed for the Varric's Seeing Red quest. On one of the Elven corpses that contains intel of The Cradle of Sulevin. This allows you to go back to Skyhold and use the war table to order scouts to discover the location of the temple. After which you can select it as location to visit on the world map.

A video showing the location of the codex entry you need to find in order to unlock the War Table Operation Rumors of the Sulevin Blade (The Crade of Sulevin) can be found here.



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