Emerald Graves

Materials Bloodstone, Obsidian, Pyrophite, Rashvine, Embrium, Elfroot, Rashvine Nettle, Crystal Grace, Prophet's Laurel, Everite, Arbour Blessing, Stormheart
Collections Invasion Mosaic Pieces, Bottles of Thedas,
Companions None
Agents Fairbanks
Merchants Gertrude
NPCs ??

Emerald Graves is a location in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The forest is said to have grown a tree for each fallen Elven Knight who fought to defend it during the Exalted March of he Dales.


Emerald Graves Quests


Main Quest:

  • None


Side Quests:


Requisition Quests:

  • ??


Emerald Graves Walkthrough

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Emerald Graves Maps

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