An expert marksman and sniper. Archer-Card.png

Hall is a survivor from the Wilds, a woodsman and archer. A Dalish hunter rescued him from a bandit raid when he was a child and taught him her skills. But he was human, and not welcome in her clan; once he could fend for himself, he was turned out. Hall wandered for years, never quite finding his place. When a beam of light tore the sky, he was drawn toward it, knowing that it spelled disaster and—for once—understanding that he was needed.

Archer Starting Abilities and Stats

Caltrops.png Caltrops

You scatter spikes behind you, hurting and slowing down enemies who come after you. This ability is considered a trap for any abilities that enhance or affect traps.

Explosive_Shot.png Explosive Shot

You fire a powerful shot that explodes on impact, damaging enemies around your target.

Archer Ability Trees

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