The Fire Captured is a side quest in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates when you approach the fire door inside Solasan. You must open all three doors to complete quest. The first door offers monsters around level 7 and 8. The second door reveals a room with monsters at level 9 and 10. The final door is filled with level 12 to 15 Demons. You must have completed Temple of Pride side quest.

An eerie heat emanates from a locked door within the temple.

  • Objectives:

  1. Gather 6 shards.
  2. Open the first door.
  3. Gather 12 shards.
  4. Open the second door.
  5. Gather 18 shards.
  6. Open the final door.

6 Shards
2 Corpse (level 7), 1 Corpse Archer (level 7)
5 Fire Essence, Belt of Fire Resistance, 400g
+4% Fire Resistance to Inquisitor
12 Shards
3 Corpse (level 11), 1 Corpse Archer (level 12)
5 Fire Essence, 3 Intense Fire Essence, Enhanced Belt of Fire Resistance, Enhanced Immolate Ring, 600g
+6% Fire Resistance to Inquisitor
18 Shards
Rage Demon (level 12), 3 Corpse (level 12), 2 Corpse Archer (level 12)
5 Intense Fire Essence, 1 Pure Fire Essence, Superb Belt of Fire Resistance, Master Fire Rune (not schematic), 1200g
+8% Fire Resistance to Inquisitor

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