The Western Approach

Materials Deathroot, Paragon's LusterLazurite, Ring Velvet, Deep Mushroom, Ghoul's Beard, Serpentstone, Amrita Vein
Collections The Archdemon mosaic, Bottles of Thedas, Occulara and Shard
Companions ??
Agents ??
Merchants Griffin Keep Merchant
NPCs ??

The Western Approach is a region in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is located East of Val Royeaux in Orlais.


The Western Approach Quests


Main Quest:


Side Quests:


Requisition Quests:


The Western Approach Walkthrough

Get the early quests from Scout Harding and follow the bread crumbs. Areas that seem blocked off require war-table operations so  make sure you plant your flag in the appropriate place. 


The Western Approach Maps


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