High_Dragon-Card.png The Abyssal High Dragon is one of the 10 High Dragons in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. You will acquire the Wyrmslayer Trophy/Achievement if you kill all ten of them. To fight this dragon you must complete the quest: Sharper White Claws, given to you by Frederic. This is the final quest Frederic gives you and you must complete all of them before you can summon the dragon. To summon The Abyssal High Dragon, head to The Wastes in The Western Approach and put down the 5 traps you obtained from the quest mentioned above to summon the dragon.

  • Recommended Level: 14+


  • Creature Type: High Dragon
  • Location: The Western Approach - The Wastes
  • Resistance: Fire
  • Vulnerablity: Cold
  • Immune: Weakness, all disabling effects
  • Abilities:
    • Armored: Allows a dragon to generate guard.
    • Fire: The dragon inflicts fire elemental damage; it can be countered by cold.

Damaging the limbs of a dragon so that it is severely bleeding will prevent the dragon from performing swipes with that limb, making life easier for melee characters. Damaging a pair of limbs will cause the dragon to fall down to that side, opening it up for increased damage and preventing it from attacking for a duration.

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